Dalian Infobank Co., Ltd. spent a great amount of money to establish private clouds for GTA to ensure the speed of doing searches and the enough space for ever-increasing data capacity. GTA is a premier market intelligence system for viewing and analyzing international merchandise trade statistics. It allows users to view historical and latest world trade data and do analysis using various GTA analysis modules. It is an efficient tool to track world trade flows, seek potential partners, monitor price change and provide solid basis for in-depth research.


Evaluate market share and track competitors! Monitor world trade flows!

Seek potential partners! Detect market price!

We integrate all the resources accumulated over the years and create Global Trade Flow™, an online trade data system that offers a unique perspective for viewing global merchandise trade statistics, tailored to meet the needs of governments, embassies and consulates, research institutions, banks and large multinational corporations. Enter>>

Global Trade Flow™ provides import and export statistics of merchandise trade of 110 countries and regions, covering all major markets and trading countries in the world. The database contains statistical data of over 93% of the global trade and keeps enlarging its capacity. Our team collects and organizes macro statistical data from official sources, mainly customs and government statistical agencies, to ensure the authority, authenticity and accuracy of the data. Meanwhile, we update the data monthly to keep the timeliness.

Global Trade Flow™ service can achieve market demand analysis, trade country analysis, volume and price trend analysis, trade price analysis, etc. At the same time, we have been actively improving our software and hardware configurations, so that the data system will run faster and be more flexible and convenient in use to meet all users needs. We make continuous efforts to expand the depth of analysis to help our partners accurately analyze global market dynamic changes, master latest price trend, track global import and export goods trade, identify new markets and competing products and develop the best future strategy and solutions.

Global Trade Flow™ is fully customized that the users can choose their interested period of time, HS Code and country as a query to check monthly or yearly data according to different needs. Thanks to the easy-to-navigate system, they will view all the import and export statistics of multiple countries for target product on one page, understanding the product flows in global market. They can also focus on the trade statistics of one specific country, confirming the popularity of the target product in that country. In order to facilitate our users to view, compare and analyze, we unify all the data units of measurement; calculate the percentage of increase and decrease, and display the data content by generating vivid reports and charts automatically. The professional trade analysts often take several weeks or even months to complete data reports and charts. Global Trade Flow™ is able to do it all in a flash, allowing users to have a more intuitive understanding of global market and trade competition status in the first place.

Report Service

Market Analysis Report

Users could accurately expect market changes, and modify their marketing strategy via Chinese customs statistical data.

Industry Import and Export Quantity and Amount Analysis Report

We provide cross-regional and inter-regional analysis on global market circulation of selected products.

Enterprise Credit Investigation Analysis Report

This report would indicate domestic and overseas enterprises' information, including the finance, shareholders, management and etc. Thanks to it, the enterprises can reduce the risks of transactions.

Competitors Investigation Analysis Report

We provide deep research on competitors' detail transaction situation, such as their production, management and market distribution.

Global Purchaser Competitiveness Analysis Report

We provide optimal combined contents on the basis of official data and information, the most comprehensive understanding and analysis of global market; also, we provide efficient and accurate analysis on global importers' purchasing frequency, quantity, strategy and market fluctuation.

Specific Product Industrial Analysis Report

According to our customers' specific requirement, our professional investigators will make deep investigation from multi-angle, multi-level, and write analysis report to analyze the characteristics of the whole industry.