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The World's Most Influential Trade Intelligence Provider

Established on May 12nd, 2004, Dalian Infobank Co., Ltd. is the first commercial agency in China to comprehensively collect trade statistics of major trading countries in the world. We've obtained the foreign-related investigation license issued by National Bureau of Statistics and the famous trademark SINOIMEX. Our services have been widely used by governments, institutions, associations, colleges and companies.

The World's Largest Trade Intelligence Database

Dalian Infobank Co., Ltd. maintains close and fruitful communication with economic organizations and trade statistics releasing agencies, including but not limited to Unctad, WTO, IMF, ICC, EU, Asean, SADC, Ecowas, Nafta, Mercosur, Citi, State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation and U.S. Census Bureau. Over the years, Dalian Infobank has been collecting trade statistics from these official sources, which constitutes the solid basis of the trade intelligence database.

A Win-Win Partnership

It has been Dalian Infobank' main priority to provide trade intelligence related services that meet clients' needs, and build trusted, long-term and sustainable relationships moving ahead. Over the past 10 years' development, Dalian Infobank has been growing up to be the leading trade intelligence provider in the world. We are looking forward to helping more companies develop and we are deeply honoured to witness the growth of every our client. Aiming to be a world-class intelligence company, we will continue to perfect our products and services. We are ready to be your personal help and guide in the success of your business and hope one day SINOIMEX could expand its reach to all around the world!


SINOIMEX is the trademark of Dalian Infobank Co., Ltd. SINOIMEX is composed of SINO and IMEX. SINO refers to China. IMEX is the abbreviation for Import and Export. It clearly shows what we do, namely international trade statistics collecting and consulting. Our offices locate in China, but we develop business worldwide. The first letter S stands for Sales and Service, which are the most excellent teams that we are proud of. The trademark is comprised of dots. It means we respect every member of the company, and represents we have a vast data resources as well that just like stars in the sky.

Vision:The World's Most Influential Trade Intelligence Provider

Mission:Based on trade statistics, we're dedicated to protecting the integrity of transactions and expanding the competitive advantages of our strategic partners

Core Values:To be a better company;Customer First, Dedication, Innovation, Discipline, Teamwork, Ability;To be a better man;Righteousness, Shininess, Integrity, Bravery, Love, Morality


2012 With the fast development, Dalian Infobank Co.,Ltd. also contribute to the society. Dalian Infobank Co.,Ltd. set up the education fund to help Dalian Pulandian Kuaimachang primary school.

2013 Dalian Infobank Co.,Ltd. Beijing office set up. Dalian Infobank Co.,Ltd. changed the business operation mode and formed 3 industry business department including heavy industrial machinery business department, electronics and appliance business department and agriculture, forestry and mining business department to separately explore the market.

2014 Dalian Infobank Co.,Ltd. completed the mergers and acquisitions on 18th,Feb 2014 and become the joint venture enterprise from the private enterprise with the permission of Dalian city industry and commerce bureau. The register capital increased to RMB 10,000,000.

2015 Registered trade mark of Dalian Infobank Co., Ltd. "Sinoimex" was obtained the "Liaoning Provincial Famous Trademark".Dalian Infobank Co., Ltd.was awarded 2014 Annual Top 10 Best Employer (Dalian).Dalian Infobank Co.,Ltd. was awarded Exemplary E-commerce Enterprises.Dalian Infobank Co.,Ltd.published "Industrial Cooperation Report on OBOR Countries".


Since its establishment, Dalian Infobank Co., Ltd. has obtained nearly 20 national and provincial level certificates and honorary titles in terms of international trade promotion, independent intellectual property rights, social welfare and enterprise qualifications.

Strategic Partner of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Executive Member of China Chamber of International Commerce

Cooperative Enterprise of China International Trade Institute, Member of China Association of International Trade

Dalian High-Tech Enterprise, Liaoning Famous Trademark

outstanding organizational unit of Red Cross, Dalian Trustworthy Company

Dalian Training Base of College Graduates and etc.

Customers' Comments

After the cooperation, we efficiently found more potential buyers and dramatically expanded our international market share.

We appreciated the professional, focused and attentive attitude and services of Dalian Infobank. Their authoritative & accurate data are always the best we’ve ever known. We hope we can continue to work together in the future.

Cooperated with Dalian Infobank, we enjoyed customized services including accurate and effective data, as well as professional market analysis report, which is so critical to our market strategy formulation and strategy implementation.

Thanks to Dalian Infobank. They help us win competitive advantages to acquire better access to market information timely, systematically and comprehensively.